the mission statement of the United Methodist Church

We, the people of The United Methodist Church are putting our faith in action by making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world – by growing in faith, reaching new people, and bringing healing to a broken world.

Welcome to Path of Grace United Methodist Church

These are exciting times at our church – we have recently changed our name!

Since our previous name was based on our former location, on the East side of St. Paul, we needed a new name that would feel relevant to new visitors, who are not aware of our past history. After 125+ years of building a solid church with a rich history, we feel that it’s time to gain momentum down a path that will take us “beyond 125” and thus, the new name, Path of Grace, was created.

This new name takes its meaning from several key ideas: 

The concept of Grace is a key component of United Methodist and Weslyan theology, tradition, and teaching. And, the idea of a directional pathway implies a journey that anyone can join at any step of the way. However, a new name does not change our core beliefs and practices, ones that are defined below:

We are called to be a loving, Christ-centered church that deepens its faith through prayer and scriptural study, and lives its faith through service to the community.

We are a congregation that strives to align our goals with the United Methodist Church’s global mission:

- It is our desire to connect with new people and share our faith with those who will be blessed to hear “good news”.

- We want to move our hands and feet swiftly to bring comfort to those who are experiencing brokenness.

- We will freely use our unique gifts to empower the church today and lay a foundation for vital ministry in the future.

Please join us for worship or any of our other events and activities.

We are happy you’ve found us.