Our regular Sunday morning worship service begins at 10 a.m.  The first Sunday of the month includes a communion service where all are welcome.

Our typical Sunday morning schedule:  

  • 9:00 Youth Bell Choir Rehearsal (Sept - May)

  • 9:15 Chancel Choir Warm-ups (Sept - May)

  • 10:00 Worship Service begins

  • 10:15 Children go to Faithwalk (Sunday School) (No Sunday School in August)

  • 11:00 Fellowship Time

  • 11:00 Children’s Choir Rehearsal followed by a snack (Sept - May)

We welcome children, and encourage the use of our infant and toddler nurseries (for children through age 3), staffed with loving and caring adults.  If a child becomes restless or starts to cry, there is seating just outside the sanctuary in the narthex area where you may see and hear the service.  Baby changing stations are available in the restrooms on the far side of the Fellowship Hall and in the Nursery room.  For health reasons, please change your baby only in these locations.

759 East County Road B
Maplewood, MN, 55117

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Fax: (651) 776-1548